Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Glister toothpaste is the best for teeth?

Take a coloured velvet paper. Spread a little Glister with your finger over a little spot of this paper, say 1 square inch and rub in circular motion for a few seconds. Then do the same with the tooth paste used by the family, where you are demonstrating. The difference is clearly visible..... The paper treated with Glister retains its colour, but the part treated with the other tooth paste loses its colour and shows a white patch. This shows how other brands damage enamel of the teeth.
NOTE: This demonstration can also be performed with a news paper if velvet paper is not available, but velvet paper gives better results. In the case of news paper, the other brand will erase the printed matter or colour and show an almost blank patch, whereas Glister will not do any harm.


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